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We aren’t the bragging team. Our agenda speaks for itself. We’ve compiled a collection of techniques which would not sound naive. Just like earth, hacking does evolve.We aren’t a big fan of CEH ! Yes, we hate teaching stuffs which are already on you-tube, so we set off this workshop to help even a layman understand how our data is handled on the internet and how crimes evolve as we speak.Learn the techniques how black hats stay one step ahead than white hats – direct from black hatters.

We were called “Tamil Pasanga Hackers“, later we chose the path of white hats. Setting our career in bug bounty crowds and earning a little reputation on our journey.It’s a 2 day ionizing workshop from the depths of minds who are certified with CEH, ECSA, CHFI and LPT get ionized from the freaky experts who penetrate strong computers and firewalls with ease. Learn their techniques and methods.

Our idealism is to make a safe and secure Indian Cyber Space .We aim to create cyber awareness to every layman in the country.Our company provides the best in cyber security and at a more affordable price.Proactive Cyber Security and Consultancy Services for Law Firms, Litigation Service Companies, Software Consulting Firms, Financial Services Companies and Institutions.

Solution to legal and corporate communities for highly skilled digital forensics,Corporate Computer Investigations, cyber security incident response and advisory services, eDiscovery and general digital forensic consulting needs.We’re fortunate to work with fantastic clients from across the globe in over 11 countries on investigations, prevention, and security.

Talented Pentesters Hut was found by Mr.Sathyanarayanan K with a vision to teach the technology in “Tamil”. He believed information shouldn’t be restricted by languages.Later a young team was formed with Baskar,Shankar,Naveen,Nishanth,Surya,Guhan who were known to be the six horsemen.In the early 2016 Mr.Velayutham Selvaraj and Mr.Arun were part of the team.Now we have 15 members in the core team and 1500 members in Learners Pool.We constantly engage in spreading the knowledge thus empowering a strong vision for a safe and secure cyber space.

Most of us are certified CEH ,ECSA trainers who worked closely with Information Security Organizations and trained nearly 100’s of Security professionals & Forensic investigators working with top MNC like IBM ,INFOSYS, COGNIZANT, PERSISTENT SYSTEMS etc .We have provided solutions to legal and corporate communities for highly skilled digital forensics, Corporate Computer Investigations, cyber security incident response and advisory services, eDiscovery and general digital forensic consulting needs.


We always love people who accepts challenge, this isn’t a ordinary contest where a DRW is deployed . We are very good at setting up honey pots ourselves. Dont worry. You will be tested from what you learnt from us. If you aren’t snoring, We bet its a cake walk. It constitutes of Five Phases – Recon ,Scanning , Exploitation , Post Exploitation and Clearing tracks.One Winner Takes 5k Worth Gifts.


• Can be comprised of Team like 5 or 6 not more

• Can take google for help if needed

• Cheating is always welcome, Hook or Crook Do it .




Amazing Topics


8.00-9.00 AM
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Kindly bring your E-Tickets and National Issued Identity cards to ensure smooth registration. Dont Bring out printed copies unless you cant show us digital proofs . LETS SAVE TREES

Velayutham Selvaraj

Bharath Deputy Superintendent Of Police

We know everyone loves scanning using nmap and angry ip scanner . What if we can do more using nmap , faraday & nessus to help us before hand with exploitation. We will be covering on reconnaissance ,network scanning ,vulnerability scanning firewall evasion .. Do you know a hackers spends his 80% time here to exploit the target. Do not worry we are not gonna teach you whois,ping, and people finders . Its way more than your imagination

Velayutham Selvaraj

The future is an unknown , a zero day which we will collectively explore - your personal and professional cyber security future is being predicted by all but (at the same time) there is the opportunity to create your own as well as for the world. Blockchains, computer dust , robotics, UAV's, AI, IOT, Smart cities, and more are happening areas which ask to be prepared. However , the future also requires you to prepare yourself as a person.

Dinesh O Bareja

Wooo! did you read above ,NSA tools? yeah, In Recent times many NSA tools have been leaked, be ready to play and exploit with of those tools, and make sure you have antivirus to protect from unwanted codes. Are you sure antivirus is safe ? We will show you how black hats make the malicious code disappear in the eyes of antivirus and successfully exploiting.


The topic discusses cutting edge strategies that allow AV and firewall evasion using the most popular penetration testing framework i.e. Metasploit. The law enforcement agencies worldwide, rely on third party tools to gain evasion on protection mechanisms which may be a viable strategy but those third party tools may contain hidden backdoors and are not reliable. The topic will discuss advance Metasploit usage which will not provide an upper hand on conventional third party tools but is cost effective and open source as well. Throughout the discussion, we will be discussing bypassing static detection, dynamic detection, behavioral detection, bypassing NBA and much more. The scope of the talk would include TOP 3 antivirus solutions.

Nipun Jaswal

When the attacker gets the session ID of the user, the game is over – the attacker can impersonate the user. It’s great from the attacker’s perspective, when session IDs are predictable. Researcher Shows How to Hack SSL and their advanced which work around TOP multinational sites. Cookie Monster isn't the only one fond of cookies - thieves on the Internet are partial too


Bringing laptops everywhere could be a hassle but slipping a mobile phone isnt . We will show you how a Mobile phone can become a Swiss Army Knife . With the right tools and techniques you can bypass anything from anywhere. Is it possible to turn your android phone into a mini surveillance device. Few Topics to be said - Email Spoofing , Whatsapp Hacking Using Url Jacking, Whatscan ,Url Jacking ,Whatscan , Metasploit Rat (Wan & Lan) Using Tunnel Instead Of Port Forwarding. This is a fun part by forcing a android victim to pay if he wants to use his phone . Thats right ransomeware. Mobile Ransomware, Embedded Payload With Original Apk ,Andriod Keylogger ,Call Spoofing.

Kishore & Naveen
09.00 Am
Rogue Wifi

Chandresh Gupta

A Demo on cutting edge techniques of Internet fraudulence, Increasing Risk in Online payments, Notorious Carders, Safety Measures

Adithya & Baskar

Kevin Mitnick—one of the most famous social engineers in the world—popularized the term “social engineering.” He explained that it is much easier to trick someone into revealing a password for a system than to exert the effort of hacking into the system. Mitnick claims that this social engineering tactic was the single-most effective method in his arsenal. This training examines a variety of maneuvers that are aimed at deceiving unsuspecting victims, while it also addresses ways to prevent social engineering threats.

Shankar & Nishanth

We will want to gain further access to the targets internal networks by pivoting and covering our tracks as we progress from system to system. A pentester may also opt to sniff packets for other potential victims, edit their registries to gain further information or access, or set up a backdoor to maintain more permanent system access. Utilizing these techniques will ensure that we maintain some level of access and can potentially lead to deeper footholds into the targets trusted infrastructure.g threats.

Sathya & Nishanth

Recovering encrypted text messages & File carving from wireshark packet capture (.pcap) file.

Arun & Naveen

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  • Education Materials
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  • Certificate
  • ₹5000 Prize For Contest Winner
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Meet The Team

Meet our most valued speakers


Chandresh Gupta

CEO Secured Sector

    Amar Thakare

    CEO Cyberitsecurity


      Head of Cyber Intelligence - Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic

        Dinesh O Bareja

        Open Security Alliance - Keynote Speaker at DEFCON Lucknow 2015

        Sathyanarayanan K

        Founder of Talented Pentesters Hut

        Velayutham Selvaraj

        Co-Founder of Talented Pentesters Hut

        Arun S

        CEO Of Sira Info Sec

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